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The waters are created to have magical curativas energies. Each people of the year travel throughout of Bali to be purified in the clear swimming pools. After leaving a small offer deity of the means, the men and the women are going any side to bathe. In the Full Moon of the fourth month every year, the villagers of next Manukaya take a sagrada stone that will be cleaned in Tirta Empul. When the resisted inscription found , the stone was deciphered, it gave the fight of the foundation of Tirta Empul . For the thousand years these villagers had been living. by this tradition without being found out the meaning affected the stone!
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In 1969 the temple in Tampaksiring was renewed totally. Many of the chapels were constructed and painted again in shining colors. Outside the temple they are the rows of the supports of the sales where you can buy the business of the memories that is carved jewelry shop of the bone. Right north of Tampaksiring that the way gives return to the right to Tirta Empul.

Another way gives return to the left towards the palace of Istana Negara de Sukarno, that feels upon a green hill that happens through stop Tirta Empul. The palace is divided in two connected main portions with a bridge. Wisma Merdeka was the building where the president remained and Wisma Negara was guesthouse for the friends and the guests of the state, like Ronald Reagan and Soviet president Krustsjov. In addition there is a house for the press, the Wisma Yudistira, and the one that is for the life-guards, Wisma Bima. The palace constructed by president Sukarno is ignoring the temple of Tirta Empul. The buildings of a history are said to be designed by president Sukarno, who had training of the engineering of Bandung.

The opinions on the values of estetique of the buildings are divided. Sukarno, that was average Balinese, remained in the palace during its frequent visits to the island. Some say that Sukarno constructed the palace near the source of Balinese of eternal youth indefinitely to prolong its state of “President-for-Life”.
tampaksiring bali historical site
From the palace there is a great vision excessive Tirta Empul. According to same Sukarno rumors he used a telescope to study the naked women who took a bath in the water santa. When it found to somebody it had taste of him sent for them, and is supposed father to several children in the island. The site is open for the visitors, but you cannot enter the buildings. Depend on the story, there are some important person who had visit Tampaksiring. Such as Ne Win, Birma Now Myanmar) President, President Tito from Yugoslavia, President Ho Chi Minh from Vietnam, Queen Juliana from Netherland, and Lord Hirihito from Japan