singsing waterfallIn the summer time, the relative volume of the waterfall decline. The road to a small waterfall climbing is a fun activity for the activity "trekking". Located not far from Lovina area, even within walking distance of Lovina, making this object more commonly visited by tourists who stay in the area Lovina Tour.

Not far from this Singsing waterfall, there are Dutch monuments. The monument was built by the Dutch colonial government to commemorate the death of a Dutch army officer in the Banjar of war in 1868. Around the year 1956 the monument was destroyed because the invaders regarded honor. But in 1992 the monument was rebuilt by the Government Dati II Kabupaten Buleleng with the intention that history can not be deleted, in addition to the monument that symbolizes the heroism of the people of Banjar officers capable of killing Dutch troops.

Singsing Waterfall is located in Banjar Labuhan Haji Temukus Village Banjar District, 3 km from Lovina and 13 km from Singaraja. To go to this tourist attraction can be achieved with a motor vehicle up to the majors Tigawarsa village. A sign indicates the direction of the road that must be followed on foot (all more or less 600 meters) to reach the first waterfall. To reach the second waterfall higher up have to go through a steep path.

Parking facilities built and run by local banjar, and shops around the area of the program has been available. Nusantara both tourists and foreign tourists visiting the many waterfalls is because the atmosphere is calm, peaceful and suitable for physical fitness. Waterfall locations in the hills, which gives the scene spread of Lovina Beach in the north, the main attraction attractive enough for tourists.