banyuwedang hotspring buleleng bali
Located in Pajarakan Village, Gerokgak District Buleleng Regency, it's about 60 kms from Singaraja, it's located near the West Bali National park. This beach area also near the Menjangan beach that usually used for Snorkeling or Diving Banyuwedang Hot spring come from the hot spring in the beach area, This hot spring is the largest hot spring in Bali. This hot spring contain a little of Sulfur, the average temperature is around 40 C. Because of its sulfur, this hots ping believed able to cure a lot of disease. There is a lot of people come to this place with a hope to cure their sickness.
banyuwedang hotspring bali

In the beach area of the hotspring, there are a lot of mangrove (actually this hotspring located in the middle of mangrove forest), so this area was free from abrasion. There also a creek with a white shore in this hotspring area, this make banyuwedang hotspring even more beautiful than what you have been thinking.
The domestic tourist was dominated the visit to this area, they come with a hope to cure their sickness, lot of domestic tourist come from Banyuwangi, Java. This make goverment of the Bali regency planning to make this area as a "Health Tourism".