Bali Off Course

Bali Guided Walking Tour

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Get the “feel of Bali”, on foot.  A carefully selected walking course of about 3 hours,  through charming villages,  with those gorgeous rice fields in between…..  But first get a special blessing during an authentic morning ceremony conducted by a Brahman priest,  in a traditional “Griya” family compound.  However he is not always there. Then the walking starts,  with an expert guide.  Along the way,  you can get into one or two temples,  admire several of those fascinating family compounds, drop in at a traditional craftman’s workshop.  And how about a neat waterfall, or two ? Part of the tour goes through rice paddies (not too tough, though !) : if you’re lucky, you may see a couple of cattle trudging through the mud and pulling a primitive plow.  Your guide will be happy to explain about rural life in Bali,  including the famous “Subak” irrigation system and the time-honoured way of growing rice.  You may also get some historical background,  if that’s what you like.  A lovely way to get a bit tired,  then to sit down and enjoy a tasty lunch,  just to round it all off.

NB. The basic routing of the AFTERNOON TOUR is the same as the MORNING TOUR described above, but will be somewhat shorter : no morning blessing to take place and no food to follow (but small snacks and drinks will be provided at several points along the way).

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