I really enjoyed my guided walking tour with Wayan.

I gained many insights into the Balinese way of life - especially how the spiritual aspect is ever present and not separate from every day.

I really enjoyed slowing down and taking the time to appreciate what is present in every momment.

It was quite a warm day so Wayan kindly whistled up the breeze for us! I really love the connection to nature and the Balinese way of regarding trees as "Gods" and making offerings to them. This is why you see trees with sarongs wrapped around them Wayan explained.

Wayan is very knowledgeable and helpful and I enjoyed his company.
I also enjoyed having lunch away from the tourist strip of Ubud.

Thanks for adding to my wonderful experience of Bali on my first trip there.

Melissa, Perth, Australia.

Perth, Australia

Source: TripAdvisor