I have tried cycling, ATV and white water rafting in Ubud but this is something different.
My wife and I were in Ubud in August this year. First thing that came to my mind was to experience the village life and the only thing I know was to cycle through the villages. However, I found a walking tour at the tourist information center and decided to try something new.
The day started at the Priest's house where we were blessed. They were preparing for a festive celebration and the kitchen was very busy preparing the offerings. Then we walk through the villages and the farm land, coming very close with the buffalos working on the farm. A visit to a local blacksmith house allowed us to experience the "primitive" way of making knives and spades.
The best part ofthe tour was the lunch at our guide's relative house. They were conducting a class for vistors and it was truely nice to see that the students had to buy the ingredients from the market and prepared their own lunch. Fortunately, our lunch was prepared by the Chef herself. The next time, we will definitely try the cooking class.


Source: TripAdvisor